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THE BIRDMAN ® and Company provides the very best in educational wildlife entertainment. Since 1982 our goal has been to connect people with the wonderful world of animals with a special focus on our avian friends. We have served hundreds of clients and facilities in all 50 states and 5 countries. Including international television appearances our animals have reached well over one billion persons. Applying the latest approaches to positive reinforcement we have found empowering animals through training helps to create educationally entertaining presentations and build deep bonds between trainers and their trainees. This non-industrial approach to animal training creates a deeper and more reliable relationship which allows us to overcome challenges larger staffed shows can encounter.  We have created new designs in portable staging and portable animal housing. Our trainers have also worked with mega resorts, magic shows, and large scale film productions, learning new forms of technology and hardware. The result is our ability to design, transport, set up and perform large scale flighted bird shows very quickly, allowing smaller venues to host high quality programs comparable to large budget zoo shows.

OUR MISSION: To utilize the latest in positive training approaches for empowering wildlife to connect to audiences and inspire people to better the lives of animals in human care and in the wild.