SIA: The Comanche Nation Ethno-Ornithologial Initiative

Preservation through cultural understanding of the

eagle in history, science, and spirit.

SIA is the Comanche Nation Eagle and Raptor program, named for the Numunuh (Comanche) word meaning “feather.”

The essence of the Eagle in traditional life is the basis for SIA’s commitment to the culturally based, spiritual needs of indigenous people.

Reconnecting cultures with the living bird in ways supportive of the species’ conservation is a primary goal of SIA’s ongoing efforts.

Eagles of the world, representing five continents, reside at SIA. SIA cares for the live eagles as well as the indigenous culture of shared homelands.

The spectrum of SIA’s diverse preservation efforts range from scientific research to the housing of historical items.

Artificial insemination and feather micro-chipping are just some of the cutting edge technologies employed at SIA.

SIA houses over 400,000 pages of unpublished historic journals, diaries and letters, as well as over 4,000 historic images pertaining to Numunuh )Comanche) history.

SIA archives are the foundation for much of the ongoing ethnological research conducted by SIA staff and associates.

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